SV Business Consultants

SV Business Consultants

25 N. River Lane United States


Strategic Voyages Business Consultants provides financial and operational support customized to fit specific client needs while ensuring long-term success.

We provide local business owners with the advice, structure, financing and tools to navigate the rough waters of running a business.

All our engagements begin with an SVAnalysis. This is a proprietary process we’ve developed to determine critical information so we can quickly and systematically understand your Business. Through this process, we determine what course you’ve set already, where you are at on your voyage, what obstacles you’ve faced, and what you want your future to hold. We can’t provide consulting advice or any other services without going through this process.

At the conclusion of our SVAnalysis, we provide our clients with a Course Correction Plan to help them chart a new course. Some clients need a little adjustment to their plan, some structure to support their efforts, and can navigate the waters from there. They may only need us from time to time as they see fit. Other clients need a new strategy for a new obstacle they’ve encountered. All clients get a custom made business strategy and an action plan to support their efforts towards their business goals.

Our office is located in Geneva however we’ve helped businesses in Downtown Elgin and surrounding suburbs. Contact us today to learn how we can help your Downtown Elgin business thrive!

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