NorthEast Neighborhood

NorthEast Neighborhood

150 Ann Street


The NorthEast Neighborhood Association (NENA) is an organization formed to preserve the neighborhood, from Kimball Street to Trout Park, Dundee Avenue to the Fox River, as a beautiful, friendly, and safe place to live. NENA is made up of each and every resident within its boundaries. To learn more about NENA, come to our meetings on the first Thursday of each month at the Centre of Elgin at 7:00 pm or call Krissy Palermo at (847) 695-5415.

NENA’s Mission: Uniting People to Promote a Supportive, Safe, and Scenic Neighborhood

NENA’s Vision:

  • Involvement in the issues that face our area.
  • Strong communication with schools, businesses, government agencies, fellow neighborhood groups, and residents.
  • Conservation of our architectural and natural resources.
  • Maintenance of neighborhood pride.

The NENA neighborhood has seen many changes: old friends and families have moved on but new ones have moved in.  Our objectives as a neighborhood group remain the same: to keep the neighborhood safe, beautiful and friendly.

We have a garage sale in June of each year. We ask NENA residents for donations and pick them up or they can be dropped off at the site of the sale the week of the event. We accept furniture, small appliances, toys, dishes and kitchenware, decorative items, pictures, linen, and clothes. Volunteers work very hard setting up tents and tables, sorting and pricing items, and selling them during the garage sale. It is always challenging to find enough volunteers to help. We especially need people who own a truck to help us move donations and young strong neighbors to help us set up the tents and tables.

Homes for the Holidays is one of NENA’s most popular events! On the first Saturday of December, hundreds of residents of Elgin and surrounding areas will visit our NorthEast Elgin Neighborhood to tour several beautiful homes, each decorated by the owners to reflect their personal heritage, memories and tastes. They’ll also be making stops at our traditional warming house, a small craft fair and the neighborhood’s Butterfly Garden, all decked out for the holidays. Mark your calendar!

The NENA Butterfly Garden is located at the corner of Ann Street and Douglas Avenue in the northeast neighborhood. Formally a vacant lot, volunteers and local residents worked with the City of Elgin to create a natural, tranquil, and butterfly friendly space for the entire neighborhood to enjoy. The project was built in 2008, and funded through a Neighborhood Improvement Grant and through generous donations from private individuals, local businesses and service organizations.

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