Downtown Elgin Transit Oriented Design Public Meeting

elginlogo-3colorThe City of Elgin is providing an opportunity for residents to share their thoughts, questions, and ideas about future development around the Chicago Street Metra station.

The next public meeting which will be held on Wednesday, June 5 from 6-8 pm in the Heritage Ballroom at The Centre of Elgin, 100 Symphony Way, will allow the general public to be a part of a larger planning effort.

This public meeting will be part of the collaborative planning process that will create an improvement and implementation strategy integrating transit oriented design (TOD) principals. This strategy will further allow the city to position itself to promote the downtown strengths, capitalize on its assets, and re-establish the station area as an integral multi-use district for the city.

The project is largely being funded through a grant that the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) awarded the City of Elgin to fund a transit-oriented redevelopment plan. The Chicago Street Area Plan will focus on the development of innovative approaches to improving access to the train station with the consideration for redevelopment opportunities. The City Council has selected Land Vision, Inc., to prepare the plan, which will include a development and market research study of the areas adjacent to the Chicago Street Metra station.

If you have any question regarding the public meeting or the planning process please call Dave Waden, Senior Planner, City of Elgin at 847-931-5909 or email