My Downtown: Traci Ellis

I frequent Downtown Elgin for its mix of great restaurants, unique retail stores and other service businesses.  From a great cup of coffee or chai tea latte, to authentic ethnic cuisine, or good old fashioned American fare, the restaurants never let me down.

Second, finding an antique or a one-of-a-kind gift, often made by a local artist, is a great way to shop for family and friends.  Add the arts and other cultural activities plus the small business tech incubator, and downtown Elgin is simply a very cool place to be.

Additionally, I love the vibe in downtown.  I come there for business meetings and also just to work alone regularly.  I am energized by the people who live, work and shop downtown.  It definitely offers a small-town, neighborhood friendliness, while at the same time, clearly possessing a progressive, forward-thinking culture.

A vibrant downtown is the heart of any community and certainly that is true for Elgin as well.  If the heart doesn’t work, then the community doesn’t work.  So, supporting my downtown is vital to ensuring the health of the larger community where I live, work and play.

I’m proud to support my downtown!

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