My Downtown: Rich Wagner

With the measured flow of the Fox River pumping through the heart of downtown, its buildings dating back to the late 1800’s that, at certain times of day, look right at home in the Dark Knight’s Gotham, this is my downtown. With its many bustling businesses, restaurants, and quaint shops, downtown Elgin is also looking up.  A fantastic downtown to walk, take a look up at the incredible architecture of these ancient edifices.  It’s reassuring to know the Fox River and buildings like the Tower Building are landmarks to downtown Elgin.

Having lived near Elgin most of my life, and in Elgin since 1995, my infatuation with downtown began by going to Seattle Mountain Coffee (Currently Domani Café) in 1995.  It was from there that I really began to see downtown.  There is a saying that when the pupil is ready to listen, the teacher will appear.  When I was ready to see downtown Elgin, only then did it appear to me.  And did Downtown Elgin ever appear to me!  Its brilliance, its potential, its history, its faults & warts, and it appeared very clear to me that I really wanted to be involved with downtown Elgin.

It was in the mid to late 1990’s was when I began thoughts of opening a business downtown.  For years I talked myself out of this venture.  It wasn’t until early 2010 that the wheels started turning again to open a record store.  It was from these thoughts that Rediscover Records was born.  We are energized to be downtown and have Rediscover Records and Downtown Elgin to be a destination for music fans.

Rediscover Downtown Elgin today.  Make it your own downtown Elgin!  Grab a bite, a cup of coffee, a book, a record, take a walk around.  Walk to the Fox River and Walton Island.  It is within this discovery that we may just rediscover a bit of ourselves.

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