My Downtown: Mayor David Kaptain

No matter what city you live in, people think of Downtown as the community’s front door. Downtown is where this city was born, and our identity is wrapped up in this space. That is why the Elgin community made the commitment many years ago to reinvest in our downtown.

Over the years, the city has put millions of dollars into building renovations, riverfront redevelopment and streetscape improvements. That commitment also resulted in construction of new buildings like the police station, The Centre and Gail Borden Library and new residential project, including the new Elgin Artspace Lofts. The pieces are all in place, the stage is set and the renaissance has begun. New life is emerging.  Downtown is now seeing new businesses and restaurants opening, and young adults moving in to downtown including young entrepreneurs and artists.

When people consider moving to this community, they go downtown to see what this city is about. When businesses think of relocating here, they look Downtown to see if this city has its act together. Based on what they see, people are starting to talk about Elgin in a new way. As mayor and someone who grew up here, it’s an exciting time to be in Elgin.

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