Honoring Our Volunteers: DNA Board of Directors

Volunteer_HeartIn honor of National Volunteer Week, the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) of Elgin would like to recognize our volunteers who have been at the very heart of DNA’s downtown revitalization efforts for more than 15 years.

Today we are recognizing the board members from our DNA Board of Directors. Through proactive advocacy, volunteerism, fundraising and promotion, the DNA Board carries out the Downtown Neighborhood Association of Elgin’s mission, which is as follows:

– Market Downtown as the cultural, civic, and symbolic center of the community and support activities and special events that maintain Downtown’s economic role in the community

– Retain and enhance Downtown’s locally owned, small business community to serve both resident and visitor needs, to promote sustainability (shop local), and to maintain Downtown’s unique character

– Maintain and enhance Downtown’s burgeoning mix of dining establishments, entertainment venues and other cultural opportunities

– Market the unique character and adaptability of Downtown’s available properties; incent and assist property owners with façade improvements and other aesthetic enhancements

– Lay the foundation for retail redevelopment via an aggressive recruitment and marketing strategy aimed at small to mid-size “creative class” businesses and organizations

– Continue to diversify the DNA’s portfolio of revenue streams by adding more sustainable revenue streams over the next 2-3 years

Several board members also serve on the DNA’s Organization (Org) Committee, which establishes consensus and cooperation by building partnerships among the various groups that have a stake in our downtown. By getting everyone working toward the same goal, DNA can provide effective, ongoing management and advocacy for our downtown. Through volunteer recruitment and collaboration with partners representing a broad cross section of the community, DNA is able to incorporate a wide range of perspectives into our downtown revitalization efforts.


Karin Jones – President (Org)
Tom Brockner – Vice President (Org)
Jerri McCue – Treasurer (Org)
Deirdre White – Secretary
Aaron Cosentino
Armida Dominguez (Org)
Traci Ellis
Elizabeth Haney
Chris Higgins
Grace Richard
Butch Stege

We thank all of our volunteers for your dedicated service. In downtown Elgin, volunteers are in our hearts and in our DNA. We ♥ Downtown Elgin.