Downtown Madness Score Central Update: April 7, 11am

ScoreCentral_LogoWelcome to “CRUNCH TIME” in the Championship Round of Downtown Madness 2013: Downtown vs. Crosstown. This is where the contenders separate themselves from the pretenders and the cream rises to the top! So who will it be? Danny’s Pizza on Douglas Sausage Pizza or Paul’s Family Restaurant Paninis? Only you can answer that question.

Here are the voting totals from both our online voting AND our “YOU CHOOSE THE CHAMPION” Facebook photo “like” voting thru Sunday, April 7 at 11am:

Danny’s Pizza on Douglas Sausage Pizza leads Paul’s Family Restaurant Paninis by 76

It’s election day weekend in Elgin! Before you head to the polls on Tuesday, get your vote on and elect the ruler of the Elgin epicurean world. Choose the 2013 Downtown Madness Champion…NOW!


1. Cast your vote at

2. VOTE AGAIN by liking DNA’s Facebook Page and then like the “YOU CHOOSE THE CHAMPION” photo of your winner: Danny’s Pizza on Douglas or Paul’s Family Restaurant (links to the Facebook photos are on the right sidebar of our website)

Championship Round voting ends Monday, April 8 at Noon. Join the Madness in Elgin at

Eat16_Front_adDon’t forget now thru April 8, voters can pick up Elgin Eat 16 punch cards at any of the 32 participating Downtown Madness eateries and obtain punches for trying the various “signature dishes”. 8 punches nets you a Downtown Madness mini basketball. 16 punches = a trip to the foul line for your shot at big prizes at the Downtown Madness Trophy Presentation and #TasteNTweet on April 8 at Danny’s Pizza on Douglas (our 2012 Downtown Madness defending champions), 231 Douglas Avenue in downtown Elgin.

DNA’s #TasteNTweet events (or #TNT as they’ve affectionately become known as) combines the best elements of the social mixer blended with just the right amount of social media engagement into a dynamite evening of tasting, tweeting and talking. Whether you’re a social media newbie or a Tweeting, Yelping and Facebooking fool, if you enjoy socializing with great company over great food join us for #TNT in downtown Elgin on April 8 at 4:30pm followed immediately by the presentation of the Championship Trophy to our 2013 Downtown Madness champion at 6pm.

Our next Downtown Madness Score Central Update will be Sunday, April 7 at 8pm.

Now back to the Madness…