Downtown Madness: OVERTIME Results

Overtime_PaulsThe OVERTIME Madness clock has struck Midnight and we are pleased to announce the Round 3 deadlock between Paul’s Family Restaurant’s Panini or Sherman Health Cafe’s Crazy Chicken Club Sandwich has been broken!

Last night Paul’s Family Restaurant won our Facebook Photo Like Challenge 232 to 121. This morning all online votes were tabulated, voting e-mails verified and votes from the Facebook Photo Like Challenge were added to the totals and we can now announce our winner! Drumroll please…


Paul’s Family Restaurant Paninis defeats Sherman Health Cafe Crazy Chicken Club Sandwich by 55

Congratulations to both eateries on a tremendous showing in OVERTIME. Paul’s Family Restaurant now advances to our “FINE FOUR” round of Downtown Madness voting, which tips off Friday, March 29 at Noon. Here are the Round 4 match-ups:


Danny’s Pizza Sausage Pizza vs. Ravenheart Coffee Cake Batter Cocoa


Paul’s Family Restaurant Paninis vs. Wienerville III Bacon Burrito Dog

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