Downtown Madness: OVERTIME Score Central Update: March 27, 12pm

ScoreCentral_LogoWe’re in the early stages of Downtown Madness: OVERTIME and the voting action has been hotly contested both thru our online voting and in our Downtown Madness: OVERTIME Facebook Photo “Like” Challenge:

Let’s take a look at the voting totals (this is just from the online voting form – not from Facebook) thru Wednesday, March 27 at Noon:


Sherman Health Cafe Crazy Chicken Club Sandwich leads Paul’s Family Restaurant Paninis by 39

To break the Round 3 stalemate between Paul’s Family Restaurant’s Paninis and Sherman Health Cafe’s Crazy Chicken Club Sandwich, Downtown Madness: OVERTIME is on all day today for a ONE DAY ONLY tiebreaker round of voting thru Midnight tonight! And this time around there are TWO ways to play to make your Madness votes pay!

In addition to our regular online voting form available at, you can vote a second time on the DNA Facebook page in the Downtown Madness: OVERTIME Facebook Photo “Like” Challenge.

  1. Simply go to the Downtown Neighborhood Association of Elgin, IL Facebook page at and click “Like”.
  2. Then “like” either the Paul’s Family Restaurant photo or the Sherman Health Café photo (samples of both photos are shown below)
  3. Share the photo on your own Facebook wall or pages and encourage your friends to “Like” and share the photo as well.

NOTE: Voters must “like” the original photos on the DNA’s Facebook page. “Likes” of shared posts of the photos or copies of the photos on other users’ walls are not counted.

Call it a “double bonus” or a “one-and-one”. Either way you say it there’s two ways to play it in Downtown Madness: OVERTIME. Wednesday, March 27 ONLY!

Our next Downtown Madness: OVERTIME Score Central Update will be this afternoon at 4pm. Now back to the Madness…