Downtown Madness Score Central Update: March 22, 9am

ScoreCentral_LogoThis is Madness! Round 2 of Downtown Madness 2013: Downtown vs. Crosstown is almost in the books! Don’t blink or you might miss something.

Let’s take a look at the voting totals thru Friday, March 22 at 9am:


Danny’s Pizza on Douglas Sausage Pizza leads Domani Cafe Cuban Sandwich by 101

Al’s Cafe Burns Malt leads In the Neighborhood Fresh 50 Shaves of Ham by 149

Elgin Public House Jambalaya Pasta leads Toom Toom Thai Restaurant Chicken Pad Prik Khing by 133

Ravenheart Coffee Cake Batter Cocoa leads Bangkok House & Shanghai Restaurant Pa-Naeng Curry by 95


Paul’s Family Restaurant Paninis leads In the Neighborhood Deli Lowrie Sandwich by 45

Sherman Health Cafe Crazy Chicken Club Sandwich leads Mr. C’s Hot Dogs Mr. C’s Burger by 17

JB’s Grill & Bar Peitro Pizza leads Pita Puff Falafel by 45

Nick’s Pizza & Pub Nick’s Special leads Wienerville III Bacon Burrito Dog leads by 5

There is no time like the present to pull for your favorite Elgin eateries. If you want to see your squad move onto the Elite “ATE” in Round 3, call the winning play to rally support for your teams now! Round 2 voting ends today at 5pm. Lace up your sneakers and tell your teammates to go to and Join the Madness in Elgin.

And don’t forget to pick up your Elgin Eat 16 punch card at any participating Downtown Madness eatery for your chance to Eat, Punch and SCORE a Downtown Madness mini basketball or a chance to shoot for big prizes at our Downtown Madness trophy presentation in April.

Our next Downtown Madness Score Central Update will be Friday, March 22 at 3pm.

Now back to the Madness!