Volunteers Needed For Elgin’s MLK Celebration Planning Committee

The City of Elgin and the Human Relations Commission are looking for volunteers to participate in the planning for the 2013 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration. Over the past 27 years, this celebration has been conducted by volunteers and has grown to include a Friday Night Gospel Talent Kick-off, a Saturday Morning Prayer Breakfast, a Sunday Public Program, and a Monday Day of Service and Youth Leadership Conference.

The Saturday Morning Prayer Breakfast is designed to recognize individuals in Elgin who have relentlessly advocated against discrimination and promoted civil rights for, an inclusion of, all community members. The committee recognizes these individuals, nominated by their peers, with a Humanitarian Award.

The Sunday Public Program is intended to recognize children and young adults who depict the teaching and philosophy of Dr. King through artwork or an essay. The committee recognizes these individuals through scholarship awards.

The Monday Day of Service and Youth Leadership Conference is dedicated to expose the teachings of Dr. King to our youth and provide nutritious and balanced meals for the Elgin food pantries through a community food drive.

If you are interested participating in the planning or helping the planning committee to secure funds for any of these events please contact Barb Keselica at (847) 531-7056 or keselica_b@cityofelgin.org.